Motability New Vehicle Payment of £750 continues Petrol and Electric cars from ZERO advanced payment
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Claim back your independence with a Motability vehicle from MG

The Motability scheme is available across many MG vehicles. This means you can expect to see the high-spec finish as standard, spacious interiors, and excellent handling that you need from your car.

You can access all the benefits of a Motability vehicle from a Nil Advance Payment, with weekly rental costs starting at just £71. For the complete MG Motability price list, check out the table below:

Model DLA/PIP Advance Payment DLA/PIP Weekly Rental WPMS Advance Payment WPMS Weekly Rental
MG3 Exclusive Nav 1.5 VTI-tech £0 £71.00 £0 £71.00
MG4 EV SE 125kW 51kWh Auto £0 Total Allowance £0 £76.09
MG4 EV SE Long Range 150kW 64kWh Auto £199.00 Total Allowance £0 £77.41
MG4 EV Trophy Long Range 150kW 64kWh Auto £799.00 Total Allowance £322.00 £79.25
MG5 EV Trophy Long Range 115kW 61kWh Auto £999.00 Total Allowance £522.00 £79.25
MG ZS Excite 1.5 VTI-tech £0 Total Allowance £0 £76.09
MG ZS Exclusive 1.5 VTI-tech £99.00 Total Allowance £0 £76.75
MG ZS Exclusive 1.0T-GDI £199.00 Total Allowance £0 £77.41
MG ZS Exclusive 1.0T-GDI DCT £899.00 Total Allowance £422.00 £79.25
MG ZS EV SE 130kW 51.1kWh Auto £0 Total Allowance £0 £76.09
MG ZS EV Trophy 130kW 51.1kWh Auto £649.00 Total Allowance £172.00 £79.25
MG ZS EV SE Long Range 115kW 72.6kWh Auto £1,399.00 Total Allowance £69.00 Total Allowance
MG ZS EV Trophy Long Range 115kW 72.6kWh Auto £1,699.00 Total Allowance £369.00 Total Allowance
MG HS SE 1.5T-GDI 6-speed Manual £0 Total Allowance £0 £76.09
MG HS SE 1.5T-GDI 7-speed DCT £349.00 Total Allowance £0 £78.41
MG HS Trophy 1.5T-GDI 6-speed Manual £199.00 Total Allowance £0 £77.41
MG HS Trophy 1.5T-GDI 7-speed DCT £699.00 Total Allowance £222.00 £79.25

What is the Motability Scheme?

The Motability Scheme provides an affordable, worry-free way for people with disabilities to lease a car, scooter or powered wheelchair in exchange for either all or part of their mobility allowance. The Scheme is operated by Motability Operations Ltd, under contract to Motability, a registered Charity.

Motability Benefits

Motability's worry-free car lease package includes:

Insurance – Don’t worry about car insurance costs because the Motability scheme has got you covered.

Servicing and maintenance – We’ll provide regular servicing and maintenance to ensure your car stays in top condition.

Full RAC breakdown assistance – Drive stress free knowing you are fully covered with roadside assistance if anything goes wrong.

Annual road tax – We’ll renew it for you, so you won’t have to.

FREE Tyre & Windscreen replacement – Wear and tear is only natural which is why tyre and windscreen replacements are included for free.

60,000 mileage allowance over 3-year lease – Love driving? With a 60,000 mileage allowance you will be free to do everything from driving to your local shops, to going on a road trip!

Motability Adaptations

As part of the mobility scheme, you can also enquire about any additional adaptations to the car that you need to make your driving experience as smooth and easy as possible. This can include modifications to make it easier to get in and out of the car, as well as greater storage space to securely store vital equipment. All you need to do is ask your dealer how your MG car can be tailored to your specific needs.

Which MG vehicles are available?

A wide range of MG vehicles are available as part of the Motability scheme. With tons of spec as standard, superb handling and roomy interiors, you're now able to find your perfect MG with the MG ZS, MG HS, MG3 and MG4 all being popular and being available through Motability.

The range starts from a Nil Advance Payment and Weekly Rentals start from just £71. Some of the options from the MG range could even see you driving away with surplus funding in your bank.

How does Motability work?

Head down to your local MG dealership and speak to one of our specially trained Motability specialists to find out what great deals are currently available.

All you'll need to provide is:

  • Your driving licence and/or driving licences for any other named drivers
  • Your letter of award entitlement
  • Proof of address, such as a recent utility bill

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